Known bugs

ยป Virtual Spaces
Virtual Spaces is beta software, so there are a few known bugs and probably some not known bugs. If you find a bug that is not listed below, please report it.
  • Flag icons are not shown in preview, instead there is sometimes a "broken image" icon.
  • On first startup of Virtual Spaces there sometimes occurs an error that says something similar to "Widget disposed too early.".
    Workaround: To handle this quit Virtual Spaces and restart the application.
  • When you add a long title, subtitle or footer to a Slide or a Branching Point, sometimes the Slide or Branching Point is not displayed correctly (the list of texts or the list of Branching Point Choices is not displayed completely).
    Workaround: Collaps the display of the Slide or Branching Point and expand it again (using the arrow on the right of the titlebar).
Windows XP specific:

  • Edit-buttons in properties view are too big.
More bugs and information on how to solve them can be found in the forum.